reborn doll naming tips

Reborn Doll Tips



Most people still call their reborn dolls generic names. For instance, the one in the living room or the one in a red dress. Naming of each reborn doll in your collection helps to create enjoyment. Besides, this personalization brings a special connection with the doll, which is an important reason to give your reborn doll names.  

Another obvious benefit is because it categorizes and maintains a record of your doll’s collection and save time. This added advantage is beneficial for an extensive selection of reborn dolls; for this reason, you will be able to remember where you placed after memorizing the names.  

The more you call out, visualize and hear the name, the more the doll adds sentimental value for you. Keep on scrolling, for we have revealed cute reborn doll names for both genders.  

People share good advice when naming baby dolls. You will need to choose real names from endless options. There is no need to get overwhelmed as we have described tips, trends, and inspiration as a guideline for the best choice below.

Reborn Doll Names

In most cases, reborn dolls bought from artists have already been named. Most artists name dolls before placing them for purchase. However, you can decide to leave the original name or give them names of your own choice. If you want to change the name, you will need to make a new birth certificate for the reborn.

Top 10 Reborn Girl names and Definition



Annie is a great girl who is tough and minds girl power and feminism. She is not shy to speak her point as well as give beneficial advice and cares about others. This is the type of person you need to trust because she sticks on your side. Annie does not like posting pictures of herself instead post her pet. Moreover, she may tend to look shy and difficult to make new pals, but the moment she gets open with you, she is brave and hilarious.  


Ava is the most amazing girl you want to be friends with. The name comes from Latin and is related to eve and birds. A pretty girl with beautiful hair, personality, smart, funny, shape, and athletic. Ava looks down upon herself, feeling ugly and stupid, although she is not.


Chloe is an amazing girl and tells special people her secrets. She is caring, sweet, and the best consoler when you are lonely. Chloe has a fantastic personality, and when she loves, Chloe takes risks and expresses her love with feelings.


Clara means a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. She makes you happy when you are at your lowest.


She is caring, kind, good looking, and remains active through everything.  Elle helps others and tends to be forgetful but remember essential stuff. She is hard to contact when answering phone calls, but it is worthy when she does.


Laura is a go-getter in achieving her dreams with amazing personalities. She loves with all her heart and fights everything she believes. People stare at her beauty and funny character when she walks into a room.


Hannah is a person who is pretty, shy, talented, and kind, although only open to those she trusts. She is full of talents, love, grace and whenever she is broken from inside, Hannah will keep showing her smile. 


Kate is unusual, not an average girl, but genuine in everything.  A strong woman, independent, hilarious, and has a sense of humor.


In most cases, Madison is a teenaged girl who has blue or brown eyes with blonde hair. She is outgoing, funny, sweet, and athletic and loves food.


Megan is a child of brightness or pearl. She does not like it when people pronounce her name, wrongly. A good friend who is creative, brave, and does work with family members and friends.

Top 10 Reborn Boy Names



The name originates from Irish language meaning fierce one.  Aiden is gentle, kind, and caring to his friends and family.  


This is a Jewish name that means happily blessed. Asher is a type of boy who can remember the names of people thus full of perfection. He is funny, tall, happy, and relaxed among his friends.


Andy does not tolerate fake people and has a fierce temper. He is a dude who keeps emotion and spills out when he needs it. Andy is the sweetest boy with kind heart and trustworthy.


This word is derived from old English meaning alpha having light or dark complexion. He is always busy, focused, and balance work with hobbies.


Cole is sweet, quiet, and slow, just like summer rainfall. He has glowing skin, patient, and give special attention to his looks.  


This is a fantastic dude who is funny and respectful. Garret is tall, cute, and has pretty eyes. Also, he is loyal, great in sports, and protective.  


Hunter is commonly given to a baby whose parents hunt in the countryside. He is a tall guy, honest, cute, shy, and kindhearted.


He is a nice guy who can steal your heart with his love and care. Marcus is sweet, cute, and wonderful, and he is the type of best friend you need.


Parker loves sports like soccer and has a good personality, thus care about other people’s feelings. He is funny, cool, kind, and very cute.   


Travis is a nice guy who is trustworthy to people around him. He is a cute guy who can wear old clothes, and people stare.

Basic Strategies and Tips for Naming Reborn Dolls

You do not have to choose the names you hear and watch on television or read from magazines. Firstly, the main goal for picking names is to make a fun, unique, and name which has a meaning. The best procedure is to contemplate a proper name connected to your reborn doll of fits it.  

You need to be satisfied with the name in view of seeing and speaking the title for years. I am hoping the listed names above will give you a clue to work, and that does not mean you will get a proper name on the list. If you cannot get a name that suits, review the tips below to get more ideas.

  1. First, names go with gender, while others are unisex. You need to break down the name into a specific gender to get a better name for your reborn baby doll
  2. Pick a name which you are capable of pronouncing instead of choosing the one that will strain you the whole day
  3. Check for popular names online to get a hint on what to name your reborn doll
  4. You should find it fun when picking baby dolls name
  5. Go ahead and choose more than one name, do not be restricted to one
  6. Revolve your name to get a personal feeling