Reborn Baby Doll Hairstyle

Reborn Baby Doll Hairstyle

Today, it is arguably the number one priority of most humans to look not just beautiful but very beautiful at all times. As a result, our cute reborn babies can’t be left unattended while we grab all the headlines. They too deserve the best and like real babies, reborn parents have an obligation to do everything humanly possible to make their humanlike dolls be the best they want them to be.

Hairstyles: Making Reborns Beautiful

In making them look and act the part, their hairstyle must be unique, and well done. Unlike human hair, which is a composite of a protein called keratin found in the human skin, teeth, fingernails, and toenails, the hair on our cubies head is the hair gotten from the Angora goat. Taking to mind the material used in making the mohair lifelike babies, there is a need for caution and maintenance.

Rooted Hair
Rooted Hair

This is for the sole reason that, the angora hair on the reborns are rooted with very fine hair to look like those on real babies. As easy as it may sound, caring for the mohair on reborns isn’t as easy as it may seem especially for first-timers. This is so because the hair is so fragile and easily destroyed if not handled carefully. Consequently, they either do it in the wrong way or completely avoid it, which leads to the creation of a messy and unnatural hair.

Hairstyle for a Realistic Look

Baby Doll with Long Hair
Baby Doll with Long Hair

It should be worthy to note that, reborns possess very fragile and delicate hair. As a result, it must be styled properly and with care in order to achieve, a beautiful and natural look only matched by the hair on real babies head. Therefore, cultivating a habit to properly care and style your babies hair is key. This is for the sole reason that, it makes the reborns hair soft, fresh and shiny. In addition, it is advisable to have it at the back of your minds that mohair like human hair stand a greater chance of breakage and been tangled when manipulated often. So beware.

Hair Care and Products for Reborns

However, some hair care products have the ability to clean, maintain your reborns hair and keep it tangle-free. To achieve this, all you need do is simply acquire a leave-in conditioner

  • Leave-in Mohair Conditioner
Leave-in Mohair Conditioner

Leave-in Mohair Conditioner

The leave-in mohair conditioner is necessary to have for all reborns especially those with tangled hair. As cost-effective and convenient this conditioner is it will transform your reborns mohair for good. Making it easy to style your reborns hair, as you will without fear.

Products to Avoid

When it comes to products for your reborns hair, not all are as good as the leave-in mohair conditioner. Some are better left untouched because of their ability to hurt the reborns hair. They include

Products to Avoid

Products to Avoid
  • Strong gels
  • All hairsprays
  • Rolling iron and or curling
  • Wax-based products or pomades

It is advisable to stay clear of these products, your dolls will have a hair like no other, and as such, you will always be amazed at the beauty of your cute little beauty.

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Humans and Photography


Ever since the inception of the camera, which was created as one way of making certain moments last a lifetime, posing for the cameras and taking the best shot hasn’t always been a smooth sail. However, like humans, who always find a way to complicate a photoshoot with a beautiful pose. Reborns, on the other hand, can’t move so the pose you get must be prearranged by you to capture the best moment.

Adorable Baby Doll

These beautiful baby-like dolls receive much loved and adored by their parents. With that in mind, every parent want moments they spend with their reborns captured on camera.

The Gift of a Child and Parenthood

While it is the dream of most humans to bear the title of a mom or dad, some parents who are unable to tap from that sap of parenthood seek solace in adopting reborns. This is done to get that feel-good factor of actually been called a parent. In doing so, they will want every moment or memory shared with the doll to be captured in real-time by a camera. With this, they somehow find a way of actually staying clear off some worrying memories that bring nothing but sadness.


Taking a Nice Photo with Your Reborn Doll

When it comes to taking breath-taking pictures with your reborns or cute babies, these points are exactly what you need.

  • Camera is key

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are now a wide array of sophisticated high definitions cameras out there. However, if that happens to be too expensive, a good smartphone camera will do the trick. Remember, a good camera will produce captivating images of you and your cute babies that will last a lifetime in both your mind and heart.

  • Posture matters (displaying soft legs, arms beautiful eyes)

Every human loves a good posture especially when it comes to taking the best photos. As such, your reborns can’t be left behind. Therefore, be sure to place them well, be it on the bed, couch, or sofa or better still cuddle the cute baby warmly in order to get the best pose. Remember they aren’t real babies so you need to pose with the doll to look as realistic as possible before eventually taking a shot.

  • Beautiful clothing

Like humans, we love taking our photos whenever we have something important to share with beautiful clothing always-on display to spice every aspect of the photo. With that in mind, reborns shouldn’t be left behind. Reborn parents should always try to make sure their cute babies are always on their “A-game” and looking ever so beautiful in fresh and beautiful clothing’s not just for the cameras but all the time.

Therefore, when it comes to capturing a nice photo for your lifelike baby doll, nothing is for granted. As such, implementing the aforementioned tips will go a long way to ensuring you capture a moment with your reborns that would last a lifetime.

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Baby Dolls Sitting on the Ground

Reborn Baby Dolls

girl happily smiling holding doll with pink cake in front of her

The inception of the silicone or reborn baby dolls has become a welcome addition by parent’s and toddlers alike due to its human-like nature. Unlike the traditional dolls designed to have baby features or designed to look like the smaller versions of some animal’s both domestic and wild, the reborn baby dolls are unique in every aspect. All of which is evident in the time and creativity put in by the doll producers or designers to look as human as possible.

Silicon Baby Dolls and Toddlers

In addition, the use of silicone baby dolls as a playmate for toddlers is very much appreciated by parents the world over. This is simply because of the dolls human-like nature as well its ability to bring warmth to children who own them especially toddlers with no siblings or pets to play with. It should, however, be noted that these reborn dolls possess true-to-life details, making it very difficult to actually tell the difference between real infant and silicone baby doll.

Ethnicities and Baby Dolls

The uniqueness of the silicon baby dolls lies in the creator’s ability to design dolls that suit different races and cultures. This goes to say, whether you are in need of an African American, Asian, Hispanic, or Caucasian skin tones baby dolls to suit both your need as a parent seeking to acquire one of these realistic baby dolls or a toddler seeking for a new playmate. These reborn babies are so true-to-life that each has a unique personality and appearance just like real-life newborn babies.

Best Realistic Baby Dolls

Some of the best realistic baby dolls you can get for your child are

Baby Dolls Sitting on the Ground
  • 19-inch Realistic Soft Cloth Body Reborn Doll   ($76.99)
  • 19-inch Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone Vinyl Doll with Long Hair ($76.99)
  • 47cm 60cm Silicone Reborn Baby Doll Realistic Boneca Baby Lifelike Girl Doll ($76.99)
  • 48CM Reborn Baby doll Handmade Silicone Adorable Reborn Toddler ($76.99)
  • 48cm Soft Silicone Reborn Baby Doll Christmas Surprise ($76.99)
  • Cute Bunny Real Life Baby Dolls Boy And Girl Dolls ($55.99)
  • Realistic Newborn Baby Dolls Silicone Baby Dolls ($55.99)
  • Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls Soft Baby Dolls ($55.99)
  • Reborn Doll 19-inch Baby Girl Doll Soft Silicone Boneca Doll ($76.99)
Baby sitting near the table with coffee cake in front of her

Conclusively, when it comes to the perfect gift for your children or toddler’s look no further than the silicon, realistic or reborn baby dolls, as they are ideal for your child or children’s upbringing as well as their transition from their infancy to adolescent. This is for the simple reason that unlike other toys presented as gifts, the reborn or silicone baby dolls are more like a sibling given their nature and it loved and adored by most children in their infancy. With that in mind, acquire a silicone baby doll your child today and you’d be amazed at how much joy, smiles and happiness it will bring into your home. So, reach out today via Love babydoll for your reborn baby dolls and your toddler’s life will never remain the same.