Baby Reborn Become The New Fashion In US


Coming from other country, the reborn doll arrived in US a few years ago. But this fashion is developing more and more popular nowadays. “Reborn”: rebirth in English, this is the name given to these dolls from across the Atlantic. Reactions to this phenomenon differ.

What is a reborn baby?

It is simply a more than realistic doll. They are made with several kits. These kits use painting and rooting as methods, then there is the ballasting which allow the dolls to get as close as possible to the weight of a real baby. And depending on the kits we use, reborn can have white or dark skin, blond or brown, etc. Thanks to these techniques the reborn baby dolls are unique from each other.

Why people are we buying these reborn babies?

Most of the buyers are 40, 50, 60 years old women. But they don’t buy, adopting would be more the correct word. Moreover, it is not just women of a certain age who “buy” these dolls, now there are more and more teenage girls.

For most women having a reborn is a hobby, a passion, or even a pleasure. These reborn dolls as they are called do not just “buy” but they customize, exchange and stage these dummy babies as if they were alive. This allows them in most of the time to fill a void. The Reborn will serve as an emotional link. For a woman aged 40 and over, the baby is going to be like stepping back in time.

Imagine that these women had children, and the Reborn can become a “gift” which will help the mother to mourn the child who has left the family nest or has even died. As a specialist in family problems would say “it can be healthy as long as it is not used for too long”.

Regarding the teenage world, the reborn baby is going to be used as a wall between the young girl and the outside world. The reborn will act as a bubble where only the teenager can enter.

What are the dangers of these reborn babies?

Be careful, do not confuse a reborn baby with a real baby, the danger with these dolls is that in the long run you end up getting lost in them (it’s true they are so realistic). By dint of doing everything as with a real baby, it could even have an exclusionary effect because the entourage does not understand why the person has a passion for a baby (some even call it a vulgar piece of plastic) .

But it is not only the emotional or mental dangers, there are also those which are physical, or even on the way in which certain babies are made as well as their accessories which can be harmful for the human being. For example, some pacifiers are magnetized, so this is a danger for people with a pacemaker.

For some other people, they may find it really creepy, dolls that look like real babies but are fake (it can be cold in the back). But please respect the choice of women who decide to “adopt” the Reborn, even if you do not fully understand the choice to take love for a doll.

So what do you think ? Would you be able to adopt one or a Reborn?


Baby Doll Names: Find These Name That May Be Your Choice

Reborn Doll Names

Are there intelligent first names for you cute baby dolls? According to research, researchers have found out which names are particularly common among clever and successful people, which you can use for your lovely baby dolls.

Want your baby doll have a cool name? Of course, it’s not that simple. However, some given names actually stand out because they are worn by well-known personalities.

The researchers examined a total of almost 15,000 first names of intelligent people. These included successful scientists, composers, authors, philosophers, and artists. Based on the evaluation, a list of the ten intelligent first names for women and men was published:

10 Intelligent Male First Names:

  • John
  • Robert
  • William
  • Charles
  • David
  • James
  • Richard
  • Johann
  • George
  • Paul

10 Intelligent Female First Names:

  • Mary
  • Elizabeth
  • Maria
  • Anne
  • Margaret
  • Susan
  • Ruth
  • Anna
  • Alice
  • Dorothy

No matter if boy or girl, there are cute parts for the initial equipment here.

Are you predestined to be particularly successful with these first names? Of course, there is a little more to it – but you already have a good basis with these names! By the way, it is women who pass on intelligence.

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Reborn Baby Dolls: Why Do People Buy Lifelike Baby Dolls?

reborn baby dolls

Reborn baby dolls look like real little baby, but they aren’t. In the USA and UK these dolls are a mega trend. But why do more and more people buy lifelike dolls?

What Is A Reborn Baby Doll?

Tiny, slightly shriveled feet, sparse, fine hair and eyes that seem to look directly at you, if you look at photos of reborn baby dolls, you might think they were real flesh and blood babies. That is exactly how it is intended.

The name “Reborn Baby Doll” comes from English. “Reborn” means “born again”. That’s because these dolls look deceptively real. Even the skin is made of a special silicone material that is very similar to human skin. Because everything on them is handcrafted, these dolls often cost up to $1000.

If you would like to order such a deceptively real doll, we recommend the LovebabyDoll. The lifelike doll is 10″-24″ tall and weighs around 1000-3150 grams. The arms and legs are realistically shaped and thanks to the soft disc joint body, the newborn baby dolls can assume any real baby position. The fine baby hair is made of mohair and planted individually using the so-called micro rooting process, so you can wash and comb it.

This doll looks like a real baby and you can order it comfortably and safely to your home.

You can order this baby doll from Lovebabydoll for around $86.99.

Reborn baby doll as a child replacement? Not necessarily

The price also explains the purpose: These baby dolls are actually not built for children, but serve as “toys” for adults. The focus is on three target groups. For collectors who only enjoy beautifully crafted dolls. Then childless couples or women who live out their parenting / mothering feelings with these dolls. And tragically, mothers whose children have passed away.

Farewell to a star child: “I will always miss my baby”

Collectible Baby Dolls

Most of the time it is women who collect baby dolls. That’s not new. For decades, women in particular have enjoyed exhibiting dolls as collector’s items.

No wonder that collectors’ hearts beat faster when they see these detailed baby dolls. Real hair is often used so that the baby’s head looks exactly like it does on a real baby.

Small wrinkles on the feet or hands look exactly like those on newborns. And sometimes there is even a small drop of saliva hanging from the mouth. Such collectors can also get excited about dolls that are modeled on famous personalities.

Reborn babies for single women and childless couples

Some women who have remained childless compensate for their desire to have children with the reborn babies. I know a lot of women who take their reborn babies for a walk, feed them and change their diapers. That’s not uncommon.

Just like single women who want to have children, some couples also acquire reborn babies. This is especially the case when you have longed for a baby but it didn’t work out.

So that the babies really look like real children, there are some that even exude the typical delicate baby scent. Even the weight is varied. If the doll reflects a newborn baby, the size is usually around 18″ and it weighs between 2500 and 4000 grams. Just like in real life. Only with the advantage: The reborn babies do not cry.

Reborn babies as images of deceased children

It is very controversial when mothers have their deceased children make dolls. Some psychologists and grief counselors find it consolation for these mothers to cope with the death of their own child. Others vehemently contradict this thesis. They believe the grief is only prolonged because this artificial surrogate baby is not a real one.

HandbookReborn Doll Tips



Clothes are as important to humans as they are to reborns. As such, it is worthy to note that choosing clothes for your cute little angels can be tricky sometimes especially for first time reborn parents. However, it is preferable that, before you go out in search of reborn clothes; remember to think of the following: safety, function, and convenience. Acquiring clothes with such characteristics for your reborns is key and of course, stress-free. With that in mind, enclosed below are some tips on how to choose clothes for a girl reborn doll.

Baby Doll Clothes
  • Size Matters

Clothes for reborn baby dolls come in all shapes and sizes and as such picking the best fit for your cutie is of prime importance. Remember, real babies sometimes display distress signals if they aren’t comfortable with their clothes. However, although reborns can’t display such feeling remember they still need to be treated like one they do. So get clothes that fit your reborns and make them beautiful.

  • Follow Latest Fashion Trends but Stick to Your Budget
Baby Girl Doll Dress

Monitoring the latest fashion trends for reborns doll clothes can go a long way towards easily identifying the best and most appropriate clothes for your reborns. However, you should never be so excited to the extent that these trends blind you. With this, I mean getting clothes, which aren’t needed by the reborns at a given point in time or better still working out of your budget in order to get clothes you can’t afford.

  • Go For Easy Going Clothes

By easy-going clothes, we mean clothes that are easy to wear as well take off the reborns at the end of the day. In addition, acquired clothes should be easy to take care of (laundry and or pressing) should be a priority for reborn parents.

  • Always Go For Durability
Doll Clothes

Apart from looking good, the main purpose of wearing clothes is to shade our nakedness. With that in mind, there is no need for getting less durable clothes that won’t serve their purposes. Rather getting good and durable clothing for your reborns would save you the stress of getting new ones sooner than expected for your reborns.

Final note

Can you imagine yourself in clothes that make you feel very uncomfortable, this isn’t a feeling that should be wished on anyone, not even your reborn baby doll. As a result, always go for clothes that fit and feel comfortable with cute babies. With this, you’d be amazed at how beautiful simple clothing can transform the way you cute babies look.

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Today we all are fortunate to leave and in a world whose existence is still a mystery to many. The good book says that God created man in his own image and likeness and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. This creative skill possessed by the creator of the Universe has inspired many individuals notably reborn doll artists.

Make a reborn doll

These artists the world over are credited for their ability to create, market and sell happiness especially for parents who can’t adopt or bring forth children to the world. Irrespective of the fact that people make the act of reborning to look and seem easy, reborning takes hours of hard work and dedication before pulling it off. To guide you on how to make a reborn doll, enclosed below are some tips to guide you through every step of the way.

Phase One: Preparation

Preparing the doll for the reborning process is the first phase on this list. After acquiring a vinyl toy doll, be sure to take off the limbs and head. Then soak them warm water, while prepping them for painting. On like the other phases of reborning a doll, this is arguably the easiest phase of them all.

  • Phase Two: First Coat of Paint

After preparing the doll(s), another enticing aspect associated with reborning a doll comes through painting the doll. Remember, the race of the cute baby determines the colors of paint that will suit the baby best while looking ever so natural.

  • Phase Three: Painting Proper

At this state, the reborn artist then applies some more paint on the first coat or base coat. This second coat of paint is essential to bringing out the beauty and making your idea more and more visible. Taking that in mind, this phase is delicate and needs a lot of time and patience to pull it off.

  • Phase Four: Blushing
Painting Baby Doll

While woodwork engineers sand or machine their wood to achieve a certain degree of smoothness, reborn artists on the other hand always blush their reborn dolls to make them look as realistic as possible. This blushing process preps the reborn for painting and is one of the key elements to achieving any desired look for your cute angels.

  • Phase Five: Replace the Eyes
Replace the Eyes

In reborning a doll, the eyes play a key role. Since you need them to look as realistic as possible, creating provisions for higher quality, more life-like eyes work just fine.

  • Phase Six: Rooting of the Hair
Rooting of the Hair

In order to achieve a head full of soft baby hair, your ability as an artist to root the mohair individually in the scalp of cute babies is key. This art can only come to light by making use of the smallest drill bit available, or by simply punching holes with a felting needle on the reborns head. By the way, rooting hair care is important.

  • Phase Seven: Stuff and Weigh the Reborn

Reborning a doll isn’t just as simple as eating a piece of cake, but the good news is the process isn’t too complicated either. This stage of reborning a doll entails stuffing and weighing your doll down with the appropriate materials to give it that much-needed natural realistic feel possessed by reborns.

  • Phase Eight: Finishing Touches

This final phase entails piecing the reborn together limbs by limbs while overseeing the installation of the magnet needed for pacifiers. The moment this step is completed, you should definitely be in possession of a high-quality reborn doll. A reborn that is ready to be dressed and pampered and ready to put a smile of who so ever comes for its adoption.

  • Step Eight: Finalizing Your Reborn

You’re almost there, so bear with us through this last step. In this eighth and final step, we’ll show you how to piece together the limbs for your reborn doll, as well as how to install a magnet to use for pacifiers. When you get through this step, you should have a high-quality reborn doll that’s ready to be dressed and pampered to your liking.

HandbookReborn Doll Tips



The act of reborn doll hair painting came to prominence as some reborn artists kept exploring new ways to get the best painting inspired hairstyles for their reborns. Taking to mind the fact that most reborns come with mohair, others hand-painted hair instead. Unlike the mohair, which is planted on the reborns hair and prone to destruction if not handled carefully. On the other hand, the painted hair has no such issues.

The act of painting is a talent possessed by a few. Unlike mare drawings on papers, walls, and objects, painting a reborn doll’s hair requires a lot of craft and skills. Enclosed below are some of the tools required in painting reborns hair.

  • Colors

Colors play and key role in reborn doll hair painting. Considering you want your reborns hair to look as natural as possible using colors such as black, brown, red, pink, etc. will give you any desired look. However, a combination of too many colors on the reborns hair may be a recipe for disaster.  

  • Painting Brush

The painting brush is an integral tool in painting reborns hair. This is so because every stroke of the brush on the reborns head is responsible for new designs or drawings that make the doll unique.

  • Paint Bowls

The painting bowls are also a key component in reborn doll hair painting. The artist usually has different bowls for different colors. With the colors, poured into the bowls and mixed to satisfaction, the artist can then move on with the paintings with little stress.

Painting a Reborns Hair

Painting a Reborns Hair

Step 1: Pour some colored paint in a small bowl and mix well to get the desired color you seek.

Pour some colored paint in a small bowl and mix well to get the desired color you seek

Step 2: Make sure you have the reborn doll head(s) ready and as a guide (optional), you can use a removable marker to indicate where you’d want the paint to end. Remember you do not want the paint extending towards the doll’s face.

Make sure you have the reborn doll head(s) ready

Step 3: Ensure you have all of your desired painting brushes ready. Remember you do not want to keep taking breaks just to get a particular brush during this time.

have all of your desired painting brushes ready

Step 4: Begin the painting process. Start by using some specially designed brushes to draw some fine intricate lines (flowing hairs) around the baby dolls’ forehead, ears areas, and back head to mimic that on real babies.

Step 5: Apply some code of paint on the reborns head to act as the base for more painting and desired designs (black or thick brown colors). Ensure this code of paint takes the form of a question mark. From the center of the head flowing towards the ear section, without going towards the face and ears.

Step 6: Still with the brush and paint, keep drawing more lines to mimic the question mark sigh you began with. This goes a long way to demonstrate the hairline on a real baby’s head. At this stage, the idea becomes more and more realistic.

 Still with the brush and paint, keep drawing more lines to mimic the question mark sigh you began with.

Step 7: After coating the reborns head with the brown and black colors respectively, the next step is adding the third color (cream white).

NB: If you are trying to recreate reborns of African descent, the dark and brown color combinations work just fine. However, if you are recreating a Caucasian reborn then you may need to paint the reborn with a few stripes of cream-colored paint.

painting hair

Step 8: Once you’ve added the creamed colored paint on the reborns head, ensure to add a little more of the thick brown color paint. This will give a serene and realistic look to a natural baby. Which of course is what you need after so much work and effort. 

Step 9: Step 9 is the most vital piece of the whole puzzle. This step entails adding the 3D texture medium to either the brown or the black paints used on the reborns head. After that, continue with the painting process. Do this until you get a realistic hairdo on your reborn. It should be noted that if you can’t lay hands on the 3D medium color, don’t get yourself worked up. Make do with what you have.

HandbookReborn Doll Tips



Silicone baby dolls like real babies are adored, loved and cherished. Notably by their parents and relations whenever they find themselves in any parts of the world. Whatever homes they find themselves in, these cute babies bring joy overflow and unlimited smiles on the chick of parents and mutual alike. As it is the case with real babies, these cute angels or silicone baby dolls deserve all the love attention, care, beautiful clothing, and good hairstyles associated with their real baby counterparts.

Hairstyle and Reborns

Hairstyle and Reborns

As the popular saying goes ‘the beauty of a woman lies not only in a woman’s character but in the quality of her hairstyle, so too are reborn parents following suit. This is evident are they are always seeking to provide their reborns with unique and beautiful hairstyles that suit their varied personalities. With that in mind, many of them aren’t too worried about the cost of these wigs but rather make their cute babies remain gorgeously looking.

It should be worthy to note that the mohair on reborn can be styled to suit not just their looks but also what the parent like to see on their cute babies’ heads. To satisfy that quest, many reborn parents have just one option: which is getting the best wigs that will look and make their reborn dolls more beautiful than their cute baby already is.

Wigs That Fit Reborns

Reborn Doll Wig

When it comes to acquiring, wig(s) for your reborns, cute or twin babies, getting the one that fits and one that will definitely look good on your reborn should at the top of your priorities list. However, enclosed below are some of the points to note whenever you think of getting some wig(s) for your cute baby.

  • Body shape
  • Head size
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Trending hairstyles
  • Cost

Before going into details, beware of the fact that like real babies, reborns come with different head structures, sizes, races, and ethnicities. All of which plays a significant role is the choice of a wig. It is, therefore, advisable to not only take a true measurement of the reborns head to determine its circumference before making a decision to buy a wig but also consider the aforementioned points to achieve a unique and beautiful look. Remember the points all move together, and trying to prioritize one over the other isn’t the best way to go.

HandbookReborn Doll Tips



Ever since the creation of humans, we have never for once stop exploring our brains while trying endlessly to get the best versions of our selves. Be it our quest to look and dress beautifully, seeking to get recognition or that desire to stand out amongst our peers or simply just been regarded as the best as what we do. These and lots more are some of the goals and objectives of these beautiful creatures (humans) that we are.

Kid with Reborn Baby

Reborns and Personalities

Today, most adopted parents of cute babies have a vision of how they want to the public to see them. As such, they wish the same for their adopted cute babies or silicone baby dolls. Strange as these may seem, many parents of cute babies today want the public to see their reflections in their silicones babies.

These reflections are evident in the way they dress, the perfumes they wear, the nail polish they use and even their hairstyles. With these demonstrations, they believe the world won’t seem to get enough of their cuties and hence encourage the privileged few to rush and acquire one for themselves.

Making Your Reborn Dolls Different

While anybody in need of a silicone baby doll can easily adopt one, not every doll parent is possessed with the ability to make his or her reborns look different. Let alone make them stand out from other adopted reborns. To provide some clues on this point, enclosed below are tips on how to make your reborns look different.

Reborn Babies

Name Your Doll

Considering all children the world over have a name or names, it is advisable for reborn parents to give names to their doll(s). Although man created these reborns to look like real babies, naming them is the most common way to make them look different from other reborns.

Apply Nail Polish

Baby Doll Nail Polish
Nail Polish

As much as we humans love to look good, reborns shouldn’t be left behind if we need them to stand out from the rest. Therefore, taking care of their nails and performing some good nail jobs especially for female reborns is necessary. Applying a fresh coat of nail polish on the reborns nails from time to time can be used to positive effect.

Reborn Baby in Dress


The most common characteristic of 80-90% of reborn parents is their ability to dress their reborns to the best of their abilities. Remember they are humanlike dolls and in fulfilling their quest of making them different, their dressings have a very significant role to play.


There are divided opinions on which area of the female body makes them more beautiful. However, it is no coincidence as to why much attention goes to their hair, with a regular visit to the hairdressers all in a bid to look good at all times. This beauty culture is today evident as many reborns can now serve as models for the latest hairstyle trends. Powered by the mohair on the reborns head, which is similar to human hair, reborns can now have any designed hairstyle as choosing by its parent(s). All in a bid to achieve that perfect, beautiful and unique look.

Have you ever wondered on the best ways or measures needed to make your reborns look different, study the strategies above and you’d be amazed at the transformation of your cute babies.

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Ever since the inception of the dolls, especially the humanlike baby dolls or silicone baby dolls, humans can’t seem to get enough of these cute babies. This, of course, is no coincidence as the demand for pets in most countries is gradually been rivaled by parents seeking to adopt reborn baby dolls. As funny, as these may sound like pets reborns possesses the ability to put smiles of the faces of many.

Lifelike Baby Doll

Reborns: The Perfect Gift

There is no perfect gift other than the reborn baby dolls for a child in need of a playmate or a mom who is emotionally down after losing her baby. This is simply because of the similar attributes these reborns possesses especially when compared to real babies. In many cases, moms can have an emotional bond towards these dolls like the relaxing or holding feeling that can play an important role in their lives.

Reborns that Suit You

Black Race Baby Doll
Baby Doll

Amidst the hundreds and even thousands of reborns dolls designed every day to meet the needs of many persons around the world, making a choice isn’t easy. This is because; the dolls come in varied designs, races, prices, postures and lots more. With that said, caution is key before eventually making a decision or choosing one amongst the lot in the market. Enclosed below are some tips to consider before deciding on the perfect Reborn doll.

Appearance is Key

Cute Reborn Baby Dolls

The creators of reborns have overtime bridged the race gap. By these alone, reborns now come in all race and cultures possessed with the ability to fit in any home. With the advent of modern technology, some reborns can even breathe as well as perform lifelike actions like sitting and laying down easily with little or no support.

Body Texture

Mini Reborn Doll

When it comes to choosing a reborn baby doll that suits you, body texture is very often a key component and plays a vital role in the realism of the doll. With this in mind, the creators of these baby dolls now use soft kind of vinyl called “Gentle Touch or Real Touch”.  This is so because the texture possesses a velvety effect, which is the closest thing to a real baby. In addition, it is also durable and easy to clean.

Reborns Hair

Reborn Doll with Mohair

When it comes to choosing the best reborns, look for those with Mohair on their heads. The mohair, which is a silk-like fabric or yarn, made from the hair of the Angora goat. Unlike the other types of hair commonly used on reborns, the mohair is the best when it comes to reborn doll hair and isn’t prone to been tangled when restyled by the reborn parents.

Size Matters

Mini Reborns

As far as choosing a reborn is concerned, it is advisable you go for reborns that match the ages of your children. For instance, if you consider buying it for your toddler, it will be wise to take the smaller doll, because he or she will find it easier to carry, while the bigger sizes will be more suitable for an adult.

Consider Their Prices

Remember we leave in a world characterized by different standards (income, fashion, taste and lots more). However, the ability to know where we fit is of prime importance. With that said, when it comes to choosing the best reborns, always consider your pocket situation before making any purchases.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing reborns that suits you as well as your needs, reach out to lovebabydoll and you would be amazed at the quality of cute babies we have on offer and as such, they are all very affordable



baby and babydoll
Baby and Baby Doll

No século 21, Como tal, a criação das bonecas reborn foi bem-vinda na maior parte das famílias em todo o mundo. Elas foram amadas pela maioria das crianças pela sua natureza humanitarian e,  adoradas pelos pais como uma fonte de alegria para suas fofuras em casa. Embora existam muitas bonecas ofertadas para as crianças de hoje, as bonecas reborn estão acima de todas as outras. Isso é evidente, pois milhões das pessoas estão correndo para adquirir os bonecas como o companheiro de brincar.

Reborn Baby Doll
Reborn Babies

Tudo isso é creditado à capacidade do fabricante de fazer as bonecas apropriadas em todas as raças e culturas do mundo. Como bonecas reborn vêm em todas as formas e tamanhos, assim são suas roupas projetadas para caber a cada boneca produzida. Embora as roupas produzidas para os humanos caibam na conta da temporada, seja o inverno, o verão, o outono e a primavera, há também variedades de roupas para suas bonecas, dadas as estações do ano.

adorable babydoll clothes
Baby Doll Clothes

Na lovebabydoll, há uma grande variedade de coleções de roupas para garantir que as suas bonecas nunca faltam as opções de roupas. Algumas das roupas disponíveis incluem roupas de férias, roupas de praia, calças, roupas de dormir, sapatos e roupas de praia. Abaixo estão algumas das características que todos os pais devem estar atentos quando se trata das roupas ideais para os bebês.

cute babydoll clothes
Baby Doll Clothes

Tendências da moda

É o orgulho de todos os pais verem seus bebês com uma boa aparência e com estilo. Eles sempre querem que suas bonecas usem roupas que façam as bonecas se destacarem dos outras. Isto é, naturalmente, uma fonte de orgulho e satisfação para eles.

Roupas de bebê personalizadas

Quando se trata de obter as melhores roupas de bebê para renascer, é sempre melhor você ir para roupas de bebê personalizadas. Essas roupas vêm com as lindas etiquetas como Mamãe e Papai, Ursinho de Pelúcia, Adorado por Nós, Te Amo, Melhor Nunca, etc. As bonecas com essas etiquetas são únicas e apreciadas não apenas por crianças, mas também por outras pessoas. Todos os pais devem garantir a obtenção de tais roupas de boneca para a (s) baby doll (es) de silicone de seus filhos.

Roupas decentes

Decência é fundamental e quando se trata de escolher roupas de boneca, os pais devem ir para as roupas bonitas e decentes. Lembre-se que é melhor que a boneca reflita o seu filho, assim como as roupas que eles vão gostar.

Roupas apropriadas aos Reborns

Como seres humanos, todos nós gostamos das roupas que se encaixam e nos fazem parecer bem no processo. O mesmo também deve ser aplicável ao renascer. Ao providenciar essas roupas de boneca para o seu filho, certifique-se de que elas são apropriadas para os reborns e fiquem lindas.

Trabalhe no seu orçamento

Nem todos os pais têm a capacidade de compra para comprar as roupas caras para os seus reborns. Portanto, como pai ou mãe, é melhor que você tenha roupas de bebê que se adequem ao seu orçamento e que também sejam boas para os reborns.

Quando se trata de comprar roupas para suas bonecas reborns baseados em uma determinada raça, sexo ou idade, tudo que você precisa de fazer é visitar o lovebabydoll, e você vai ficar surpreso com o que encontra.