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Anyone with talent can be a reborn artist. However, the most difficult part lies in taking all the credit for your creations. Tagged a professional reborn artist doesn’t happen overnight. It is a combination of or it entails thousands of hours of work as well as always experimenting with new products and techniques, all in a bid to get that perfect design with quality.

Creating Reborn dolls

Creating Reborn dolls

The passion for dolls dates far back to the 15th century during the time of the industrial revolution. However, these dolls were designed to suit the needs of children only, which to some people wasn’t enough, considering they wanted something different and unique. This dream, of course, became a reality in the early 1990s when the first silicone baby dolls were created and became a mainstay in our lives ever since.

Today, reborns come in all shapes, structures, and race. Among other things, these cute little angels are available for sale or adoption at a wide array of online stores such as The prices of these cute babies range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on craftsmanship.

Reborning Process

Reborning Process

The act of reborning encompasses a wide array of steps. The most basic of them all involves making use of a vinyl doll, adding multiple hand-painted layers of paint, as well as other physical features to the doll. In fact, artists can pick varied brands that will suit the doll they wish to create.

Reborn Doll Artists

The years of research, effort and time put in by these men and women (reborn artists) is one for the record books and deserves not just a stand ovation but recognition as well. With that said, enclosed below are some prominent reborn artists and the firms they represent.  

Alexandra Taylor-HughesAlexandra’s Babies,
Beverly HurshBeverly’s Inspired Creations
Carine DevrieseCarine Reborns
Eileen NicholasGifts From The Heart Nursery
Gina TobinHeaven’s Breath Nursery
Ginny WestleyLoving Touch Nursery
Helen JallandTinkerbell Nursery
Hollmann HollisLittle Chicks
Jacalyn R. CassidyTwinkletoe Nursery
Jacqueline KramerJacky’s little Honeybabys
Joanne DonovanLullaby Lake Nursery
Kerstin FoppePuppen & Palmen
Linda BurtLill B’ees Reborn Nursery
Lynn KatsarisPumpkin Patch Nursery
Maria GroverBitsy Bundles
Melissa GeorgeBundles of Love Nursery
Rhonda ArnoldBella Bambino Nursery
Ruth AnnettePrecious Dreams
Sandra Laville JensenPebebe Nursery
Susan Van OrmanLullaby Lane Studio
Sylvia JantzenLittle Dreamland Nursery
Yolanda GomezBlossom Baby Nursery

Final Note

These reborn doll artists or creators are working tirelessly and spending millions of dollars in research, creation, and production of reborns. However, the work of these artists or reborn creators only comes to light the moment a reborn is adopted and feeling the love and warmth that comes with the adoption of this marvelous piece of art.

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