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The inception of the silicone baby dolls in most families the world over have always been embraced warmly. This acceptance hasn’t always been parent-centered but children as well. As such, these special dolls today command much attention ever since. As the world evolves, so do us with respect to our daily routines, as well as our likes and dislikes.

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Reborns: My Playmate

Although (Reborn baby dolls) are generally been regarded as a playmate for children, these dolls are known to comfort the old and elderly persons as well. With the inception of modern technology (the switch from analog to digital) into the lives of our children, a lot has changed. This is evident as many children no longer go for baby dolls but enjoy playing their sophisticated games with friends and family.

Reborns: Standing the Test of Time

It should be worthy to note that, although most sixteen-year-olds enjoy the company of their smartphones or video games, they never forfeit any opportunity to coddle their reborns whenever they feel bored, stressed, lonely and or need someone to talk to. This alone is evidence to why no one is too old to have silicone baby dolls as their best pal. Making these cute babies stand the test of time amidst this advancement in technology.

Adorable baby and 16-Year-Olds

Many people have always wondered whether the inception of electronic gadgets has the ability to replace reborns. These gadgets certainly have all it takes but remember: the gadgets can’t give you that feel which reborns possess. Enclosed below are some reasons why many 16 years olds can’t still get enough of their cute babies irrespective of their electronic gadgets.

  • Love and Comfort

At 16, every child needs love, care and comfort at every turn be it at home, school or spending time with friends. This alone boosts their social skills and make then confident whenever they are in public. In addition, reborns also offer such feelings as well to 16 years old in the absence of friends and family. While still putting smiles on the faces of some 16 years olds in the process.

  • A Listening Ear

Every 16-year-old needs someone to talk to and in the absence of friends and family, cute babies are always there to listen although they can’t contribute. However, they still find a way to make you feel better and put a smile on your face.

  • Unlimited Hugs and Cuddles

Unlike a human who can’t always be there for you whenever you feel down, just remember that your adorable baby has unlimited hugs and cuddles reserved just for you. Movies, games, and smartphone can give you hugs and cuddles but with the presence of the cute babies, you have all that covered and in abundant supply.

Conclusively, everyone needs or can acquire a silicone baby doll. Like humans, they have their unique ways of boosting our moods and always putting smiles on our faces. Go for these dolls today and you will never regret making that decision.

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  • when you write your article, I’m really touched because I can not have a baby and I have found the baby dolls to replace it, thank you for blowing a new wind to me..!!!

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