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Are you thinking of getting accessories for your reborn doll? Keep reading, and I will guide you on how to accessorize your reborn doll. You will have to invest money, energy, and time for your one or dozen reborn dolls. It will not only make them look beautiful but also allow you to have personal time with your doll, which is recommended for each owner to try. Besides, spending time with your reborn doll will create a healthy relationship for both of you.

Accessories are not required when collecting or making reborn dolls but have many significant benefits. For example, most people get tired of owning the same doll for years and want to purchase new ones. You can give the reborn doll a new look by buying new items instead of spending dollars on getting a new doll. These will help you to save money because it is easy, quick, and less costly. I will go through examples of lovely items you can buy.

1. Buy Clothes

Reborn dolls must have clothes, imagine to let your baby move around with no clothes. Reborn doll collectors sell them with dresses, although you should at least purchase for more. The new outfit helps you to change look and style for the reborn doll by going through simple steps. It is worth the price to invest in fashionable outfits in comparison to new reborn dolls.

Before purchasing new clothes, ensure that you know the size of your doll. You need to measure the width and length to get the correct size of clothes. Both traditional baby clothes and doll clothes look smart, it all boils down to your personal preference. Furthermore, think of how the outfit will look on your doll.

 Do not be afraid of buying new styles such as ruffled red dress; try them on your girl doll. On top of that, if you are not able to choose, go extra mind and search for cute reborn clothes on blogs, magazines, and television to get new ideas.

2. Crotchet Hats

I will go for hand-stitched hats because they are classy and beautiful to look at. Crotchet hats are comfortable and have soft material that does not damage the reborn doll’s thin hair. Blend the outfit by purchasing crotchet hats that have the same color as clothes.  

Put the hat gently on the head, although strangers can think you are carrying a real child. Moreover, crotchet hats have a significant advantage, for they are available in various looks. Most people believe that crotchet hats are simple items with no unique features. Some are basic, while others have a variety of colors, flowers, and stylish designs to give your reborn doll a fresh look. Give yourself a couple of times and get a perfect one. You can also decide to crotchet a hat if you are adventurous. These may look simple, but the moment you begin making, you will realize it is painful and consumes a lot of time.  

It is better to let an expert crotchet one for you for they have made for years. It takes many trials and errors to create an attractive reborn hat. These experts have also learned for some time, thus can crotchet successfully. The first attempt will give a messy crotchet hat but get a perfect look after sparing a couple of hours.  

3. Pacifier

Pacifier accessorizes reborn dolls look.  It looks so adorable seeing a reborn doll with a pacifier in its mouth. Some reborn dolls have inbuilt pacifiers while others are attached with magnets on their mouth, which allows you to connect a pacifier. Reborn dolls with magnets strip found behind mouth need special pacifiers that have the same magnet strip.

Different magnet strips will not be held tightly by the reborn doll. There are different types of items available in markets, and some are transparent, while others are solids. The most important thing is to determine which one is suitable for your doll.  

Make sure you do not forget to check the features of the magnet strip. Moreover, if the reborn doll lacks a magnet, put effort, and add a magnet strip. Choose a quality magnet, for instance, a high powered one which will stick tightly in the doll’s mouth. Cheap magnets will force you to cut corners hence will reduce strength and fall off fast.  

4. Reborn Doll Stroller

The stroller is comfortable and convenient equipment for reborn dolls. They are helpful when moving out of your house. Strollers exist in different forms and functions; for instance, all-purpose strollers are suitable for daily activities. Then Travel systems come with car seat connected to the stroller and doubles strollers are for two dolls strollers. The jogging strollers can handle rough terrain, and lightweight strollers are suitable for a voyage.

Stroller frames have wheels, handle, and car seats and storage baskets. Other strollers that you may come across are mockingbird, reversible, and colugo compact stroller. You may become overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the best stroller for you. First of all, you need to know when you will be using a stroller. You should ask yourself questions like where I will go? Or what activities will I do?  Choose a stroller which you will be comfortable with. If, by bad luck, you end up with a stroller that has fewer items, add accessories such as rain guards, extra seat cushions, and bug protectors. You can also put an adapter to the car seat to work well with the stroller.

5. Reborn Doll Bottles

There are two designed types of containers, namely glass and plastic bottles. The plastic ones are easy to hold, maintained well unlike glass, which can break anytime and cause an accident.  A reborn doll bottle is designed to feed directly. It has a bottle, teat, cap, disposable liner and sealing ring between the teat and bottle.

The teats are made in a design to look like mothers’ teats and have different rates of flow. The bottles can be used to put juice, milk, and other liquids. Place the teat in the reborn doll mouth and press the bottle gently just like an actual baby.  After using the bottle, clean it with hot soapy water for effectiveness.

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