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What about just plain fun? We like to play with our dolls, too! Does your doll need a wig? How about clothes? Or for you, baby doll owners, how about dressing up your dolls? Terrific! We’re here to bring you a new baby doll.

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Before choosing the first baby doll, you need to do some preparatory work. Such as the size of the doll, the size of the clothes, A certain space in the home needs to be reserved; the bed dedicated to it, as well as toys, combs and brushes, cleaning tools and other things that may be used.

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Choosing the right baby doll size

Baby dolls range in size from 14 to 26 inches. 18-inch and 19-inch sizes are premature and are currently popular. Because it is very small, it is very comfortable to hold. 20 inches for newborn size, 22 inches for full moon size, and 26 inches for age. You can choose the size of the doll that suits you according to your preference. Then it is time to replenish the baby dolls’ wardrobe. Maybe you have to prepare a wardrobe for your doll that belongs to him/her. Be sure to confirm the size of your doll before choosing a doll’s clothes. Your doll needs soft, easy-to-wear clothes.

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Advantages of your new doll

Your new friend can be used as a companion toy for infants and as a propaganda tool for maternal and child health care. Baby doll can demonstrate the characteristics of newborn babies, the size and shape of which are in line with the conditions of normal term infants and have a sense of reality. And this cutie also can be used as a house toy in the process of children’s entertainment. It is a very good teaching aid for preschool teachers, teach your baby to dress and other self-care ability and so on. You can use your new doll as a photography prop to take lively photos for your own baby or yourself.

Role-playing: Entertaining and learning

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Baby dolls offer kids lots of opportunities for developing fine motor and self-help skills. Using the doll and its clothes, you can teach the names of clothing items like shirts, pants, shoes, socks, pajamas, etc. Some common clothing items kids can practice on dolls and themselves include placing a hat on their head, zipping with some assistance, putting shoes on, pulling pants up, putting on a shirt, and buttoning large buttons. Cultivate kids’ kindness, creativity, and hands-on ability.

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