Baby Reborn Become The New Fashion In US


Coming from other country, the reborn doll arrived in US a few years ago. But this fashion is developing more and more popular nowadays. “Reborn”: rebirth in English, this is the name given to these dolls from across the Atlantic. Reactions to this phenomenon differ.

What is a reborn baby?

It is simply a more than realistic doll. They are made with several kits. These kits use painting and rooting as methods, then there is the ballasting which allow the dolls to get as close as possible to the weight of a real baby. And depending on the kits we use, reborn can have white or dark skin, blond or brown, etc. Thanks to these techniques the reborn baby dolls are unique from each other.

Why people are we buying these reborn babies?

Most of the buyers are 40, 50, 60 years old women. But they don’t buy, adopting would be more the correct word. Moreover, it is not just women of a certain age who “buy” these dolls, now there are more and more teenage girls.

For most women having a reborn is a hobby, a passion, or even a pleasure. These reborn dolls as they are called do not just “buy” but they customize, exchange and stage these dummy babies as if they were alive. This allows them in most of the time to fill a void. The Reborn will serve as an emotional link. For a woman aged 40 and over, the baby is going to be like stepping back in time.

Imagine that these women had children, and the Reborn can become a “gift” which will help the mother to mourn the child who has left the family nest or has even died. As a specialist in family problems would say “it can be healthy as long as it is not used for too long”.

Regarding the teenage world, the reborn baby is going to be used as a wall between the young girl and the outside world. The reborn will act as a bubble where only the teenager can enter.

What are the dangers of these reborn babies?

Be careful, do not confuse a reborn baby with a real baby, the danger with these dolls is that in the long run you end up getting lost in them (it’s true they are so realistic). By dint of doing everything as with a real baby, it could even have an exclusionary effect because the entourage does not understand why the person has a passion for a baby (some even call it a vulgar piece of plastic) .

But it is not only the emotional or mental dangers, there are also those which are physical, or even on the way in which certain babies are made as well as their accessories which can be harmful for the human being. For example, some pacifiers are magnetized, so this is a danger for people with a pacemaker.

For some other people, they may find it really creepy, dolls that look like real babies but are fake (it can be cold in the back). But please respect the choice of women who decide to “adopt” the Reborn, even if you do not fully understand the choice to take love for a doll.

So what do you think ? Would you be able to adopt one or a Reborn?

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