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Are there intelligent first names for you cute baby dolls? According to research, researchers have found out which names are particularly common among clever and successful people, which you can use for your lovely baby dolls.

Want your baby doll have a cool name? Of course, it’s not that simple. However, some given names actually stand out because they are worn by well-known personalities.

The researchers examined a total of almost 15,000 first names of intelligent people. These included successful scientists, composers, authors, philosophers, and artists. Based on the evaluation, a list of the ten intelligent first names for women and men was published:

10 Intelligent Male First Names:

  • John
  • Robert
  • William
  • Charles
  • David
  • James
  • Richard
  • Johann
  • George
  • Paul

10 Intelligent Female First Names:

  • Mary
  • Elizabeth
  • Maria
  • Anne
  • Margaret
  • Susan
  • Ruth
  • Anna
  • Alice
  • Dorothy

No matter if boy or girl, there are cute parts for the initial equipment here.

Are you predestined to be particularly successful with these first names? Of course, there is a little more to it – but you already have a good basis with these names! By the way, it is women who pass on intelligence.

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