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Baby Doll Laura’s Wardrobe


Protagonist: Laura(baby doll’s name)
Event: Laura has plenty of new clothes and she is preparing for birthday party with her family.
Location: Laura’s home

Baby Doll in Blue Romper

Baby doll Laura is going to have a birthday, we have to dress her up. She has a lot of new clothes, which one is better? Let her try it one by one! Let’s take a look together. Which one to wear? Laura tried the first set of clothes, a light blue romper with a cute Kitty cat print, a hat and a very cute pink bow at the tip of the hat. I can’t help but go up and touch her clothes, “It is very soft and comfortable!” Brown curly hair looks very cute. Seems to be missing something? Yes, give her a small flower headband on her head, which makes her cute. Let me take a few photos for her.

Baby Doll in Yellow Romper

Let’s take a look at the second set! The second set of Laura’s clothes are similar to the first set. Printed with Kitty cat, too. But the color of this set is bright yellow. The clothes are detailed with lace patchwork and the matching hat is separate from the clothes, this set is also very good!

Baby Doll in Hooded Elephant-shaped Romper

What is special about the third set of clothes? This is a hooded elephant-shaped jumpsuit design. Gray-and-white animal Rompers, which is very suitable for role-playing.

Baby Dolls in Two Different Clothes

There are various clothes in Laura’s wardrobe. She still goes on trying. The fourth set of clothes is one piece layer look romper with rose color head flower; the fifth set of clothes is contrast color patchwork dress with bow decor hair clip.

Baby Doll in Blue

Laura has finally finished trying the 5 sets of clothes. She’s too tired to decide which set to wear. At last, Laura chooses the first set, so we dress her up. Laura is cute and beautiful. Then, let’s celebrate her birthday together!

LOVEBABYDOLL has the best collection of baby dolls and baby dolls’ clothes. Laura is a little girl in our big family. Her friend John is from African American, who has curly hair and cool clothes are very spirited. And Sarah is from Asian, her eyes are particularly large, and a small hand holds a lollipop, which is very adorable. Welcome to our big family, there must be the one you like. Come and take them home.

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