Reborn Doll Tips

Baby Doll Laura’s Wardrobe


Protagonist: Laura(baby doll’s name)
Event: Laura has plenty of new clothes and she is preparing for birthday party with her family.
Location: Laura’s home

Baby Doll in Blue Romper

Baby doll Laura is going to have a birthday, we have to dress her up. She has a lot of new clothes, which one is better? Let her try it one by one! Let’s take a look together. Which one to wear? Laura tried the first set of clothes, a light blue romper with a cute Kitty cat print, a hat and a very cute pink bow at the tip of the hat. I can’t help but go up and touch her clothes, “It is very soft and comfortable!” Brown curly hair looks very cute. Seems to be missing something? Yes, give her a small flower headband on her head, which makes her cute. Let me take a few photos for her.

Baby Doll in Yellow Romper

Let’s take a look at the second set! The second set of Laura’s clothes are similar to the first set. Printed with Kitty cat, too. But the color of this set is bright yellow. The clothes are detailed with lace patchwork and the matching hat is separate from the clothes, this set is also very good!

Baby Doll in Hooded Elephant-shaped Romper

What is special about the third set of clothes? This is a hooded elephant-shaped jumpsuit design. Gray-and-white animal Rompers, which is very suitable for role-playing.

Baby Dolls in Two Different Clothes

There are various clothes in Laura’s wardrobe. She still goes on trying. The fourth set of clothes is one piece layer look romper with rose color head flower; the fifth set of clothes is contrast color patchwork dress with bow decor hair clip.

Baby Doll in Blue

Laura has finally finished trying the 5 sets of clothes. She’s too tired to decide which set to wear. At last, Laura chooses the first set, so we dress her up. Laura is cute and beautiful. Then, let’s celebrate her birthday together!

LOVEBABYDOLL has the best collection of baby dolls and baby dolls’ clothes. Laura is a little girl in our big family. Her friend John is from African American, who has curly hair and cool clothes are very spirited. And Sarah is from Asian, her eyes are particularly large, and a small hand holds a lollipop, which is very adorable. Welcome to our big family, there must be the one you like. Come and take them home.

Reborn Doll Tips

Bring A Unique Doll Home


What about just plain fun? We like to play with our dolls, too! Does your doll need a wig? How about clothes? Or for you, baby doll owners, how about dressing up your dolls? Terrific! We’re here to bring you a new baby doll.

white race newborn baby doll

Before choosing the first baby doll, you need to do some preparatory work. Such as the size of the doll, the size of the clothes, A certain space in the home needs to be reserved; the bed dedicated to it, as well as toys, combs and brushes, cleaning tools and other things that may be used.

different kinds of newborn dolls

Choosing the right baby doll size

Baby dolls range in size from 14 to 26 inches. 18-inch and 19-inch sizes are premature and are currently popular. Because it is very small, it is very comfortable to hold. 20 inches for newborn size, 22 inches for full moon size, and 26 inches for age. You can choose the size of the doll that suits you according to your preference. Then it is time to replenish the baby dolls’ wardrobe. Maybe you have to prepare a wardrobe for your doll that belongs to him/her. Be sure to confirm the size of your doll before choosing a doll’s clothes. Your doll needs soft, easy-to-wear clothes.

clothing for baby dolls

Advantages of your new doll

Your new friend can be used as a companion toy for infants and as a propaganda tool for maternal and child health care. Baby doll can demonstrate the characteristics of newborn babies, the size and shape of which are in line with the conditions of normal term infants and have a sense of reality. And this cutie also can be used as a house toy in the process of children’s entertainment. It is a very good teaching aid for preschool teachers, teach your baby to dress and other self-care ability and so on. You can use your new doll as a photography prop to take lively photos for your own baby or yourself.

Role-playing: Entertaining and learning

accessories for girl baby dolls

Baby dolls offer kids lots of opportunities for developing fine motor and self-help skills. Using the doll and its clothes, you can teach the names of clothing items like shirts, pants, shoes, socks, pajamas, etc. Some common clothing items kids can practice on dolls and themselves include placing a hat on their head, zipping with some assistance, putting shoes on, pulling pants up, putting on a shirt, and buttoning large buttons. Cultivate kids’ kindness, creativity, and hands-on ability.

As you can see, this site orders lovely baby dolls and clothing. We offer a wide variety of doll clothes. From soft dresses to smart cardigans and tiny socks, our baby doll clothes collection is jam-packed full of essentials and delightful accessories. So grab a bodysuit, add one of adorable baby doll outfits, top it off with a hat and booties, and finish a look that’s downright drool-worthy.

Reborn Doll Tips

Reborn Doll, Is It Your Little Cutie?

Cute Newborn Baby Doll

The word “doll” is no stranger to us. When it comes to it, it seems to remind you of a doll that you can’t put down in your arms. Fashionable and lovely BJD doll (Ball Joint Doll), a beautiful Barbie doll are all my loved dolls! The one I want to say below is a man-made doll that looks like a real baby but has no life.

Realistic Reborn Baby Doll

First I want to ask you a question that has you heard of a psychological hypothesis – the fear valley theory? This is a hypothesis put forward by Japanese robot expert Masahiro Mori in 1969: “When robots are more than 95% similar to humans, humans also have positive emotions for robots because they are quite similar in appearance and movement. Until a certain degree, their reaction will suddenly become extremely repugnant. Even if the robot is a little different from human beings, it will be very conspicuous, making the whole robot look very stiff and horrible, giving people the feeling of facing the walking dead. ” You may be scared about it. But have you seen such a cute real baby doll? Reborn doll, a toy that simulates a real baby, looks realistic, and the skin, hair, eyes, and eyelashes can even be perfect copies. Even they can drool. They are not terrible at all, even a little cute!

Composition of the Doll

From the end of the 1990s, the United States began the process of making modern reborn dolls. In just 20 years, the reborn dolls quickly swept Europe and the United States, especially the United Kingdom and Australia. The process of making a reborn doll is very complicated. Its head and limbs are mainly composed of weight-increased vinyl material. The torso is often a relatively soft material such as fabric filled with plastic granules, supplemented by some special manufacturing processes. The texture and weight are closer to real babies.

Details of Baby Dolls

The reborn doll is intended to satisfy the childcare aspirations of some childless parents or to help some of the parents to survive the pain of losing their children. The simple act of a baby doll can help reestablish nurturing feelings, provide some of the purposes, express emotions and bring joy and comfort therapy for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Of course, it is also loved by doll lovers who even bought it at great expense.

Various dolls are available on Love babydoll. There are dolls of a different race, style, age, size and so on.

The most popular dolls are constantly updated by us to satisfy your passion.