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The inception of the silicone, reborn baby dolls has over time been a welcomed addition in most homes in the US today. Their presence in homes has been known to bring love and smiles on the faces of their owners. The creators of this baby dolls made this possible thanks to year’s extensive research, All of which was geared towards creating a baby lookalike, possessed with the ability to bring that same feeling we humans get real babies. Enclosed below are some of the frequently asked questions about the silicone baby dolls.

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What’s The Price Of A Silicone Baby Doll?

Most goods today are known comes in different shapes, sizes, and prices. This is of course with no exception to the reborn baby dolls. They are designed to come in different racial makeups, all in a bid to meet the needs of a wide array of diverse clientele rushing to get a copy for their friends, families and loved ones. At Love Baby Doll, you can get dolls ranging from $55.99 to $102.99

Who are known Inventors of the Silicone Baby Dolls?

The inception and creation of the silicone baby dolls are surrounded by lots of speculation and no one actually knows its true inventors. However, many researchers in the field of reborn baby dolls opine that the creation of these dolls only came to prominence in the late 80s. Thanks to its creation and wide acceptance, the name reborn baby doll came into existence. As a result, dolls that looked as realistic as possible were tagged reborns, and so the craze began.

Are Reborn Baby Dolls Easily Created?

Unlike the other dolls, the creation of the reborn baby dolls is known to take considerably more time and resources. Which is a testament to why only selected manufacturers go for its production? In addition, high-quality reborn baby dolls can be created in about 35-45 hours and require a lot of skills, supplies, and manpower to make it standout out from the lot in the market.

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Is Styling A Reborns Hair Possible?

Your ability to style a silicone baby dolls hair literarily depends on the nature and type of hair used by its creators. The creators of this doll genius are known to use the mohair. This is for the sole reason that it possesses some realistic components that make it possible for humans to actually style the baby dolls hair. Hair conditioners like gel, pomade as well as other hair care lotions can also be used on your baby dolls provided it would be washed afterward.

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Is It Possible For Children To Play With Reborns

Like the other types of dolls, the silicone baby dolls can also be played with. However, they should be handled carefully considering their fragile nature and can easily be destroyed. In addition, the most annoying part of it is that the silicone baby dolls are very difficult to repair once damaged. To limit this shortcoming, it is thus advisable you educate your children on how to play with their reborns.

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Can A Reborn Baby Doll Walk?

Although most traditional silicone baby dolls aren’t known to be sophisticated enough to actually walk, some, however, possess some inbuilt unique features. These features are known to allow them to make noises, move as well as cry. As expected, reborns possessed with such features are known to be more costly than the others.

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