About Lovebabydoll

LoveBabyDoll Origin

LoveBabyDoll was established at the end of 2018, originated from love, and is widely welcomed by European and American markets. Beginning in the late 1990s, the United States began the process of making modern reborn dolls. In just 20 years, the reborn doll quickly swept across Europe and the United States, especially the United Kingdom and Australia. The process of making a reborn doll is also very complicated. And LoveBabyDoll will present the most affectionate baby doll in the name of love.

LoveBabyDoll Family

We offer an affordable range of reborn dolls, each of which is unique. Crafted by hand, each doll is given a unique life. John from African American, who has curly hair and cool clothes, is very spirited. Sarah is from Asian, her eyes are particularly large, and a small hand holds a lollipop, which is very affectionate. There are other cute little friends on the site who are their brothers and sisters. LoveBabyDoll brings you new simulation soft silicone dolls, to have a more realistic experience of reborn dolls with a more affordable price. Come and take them home.